Financial security. Lasting commitment.

Our commitment to you is two–fold: financial security for you and your family, and a lasting commitment to your veterinary practice and team.

A bigger ownership opportunity.

Selling your practice marks the beginning of a new journey. As a part of the CVP family, we invite you to participate along with us as a co-owner in a portfolio of veterinary practices and benefit from the success of a large and growing corporate veterinary network.

Here’s how it works:

Put money away now.

Sell your veterinary practice to CVP, reduce risk and gain stability for you and your family.

Own a piece of a bigger pie.

As a member of CVP, you’ll have an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of successful veterinary clinics.

Keep the best part of ownership.

We’ve created additional financial incentives linked to the performance of your own practice even after you’ve joined CVP.

Check out what our doctors are saying...


Dr. James Bianco

Ardmore Animal Hospital
Joined CVP in 2015
University of Pennsylvania

CVP has lived up to their promise as a partner and manager. The team has been an active supporter of Ardmore Animal Hospital from the get go and helps with both day-to-day operations and management decisions. As part of the CVP family, I now have more time to pursue my other passions — fly fishing, running and ornithology — and get more involved in professional and local organizations that are making a difference.


Dr. Deborah Brzezinski

Aston Veterinary Hospital
Joined CVP in 2011
University of Pennsylvania / Kansas State University

When considering a sale of our veterinary practice, we looked at practice management style, strategic direction and operating philosophy. CVP stood out as the best choice. They’ve provided me an opportunity to stay active in a practice we built over 30 years, but also free up time in other areas of my life. Their management support and marketing expertise has helped us grow our practice and enhance our quality of medicine.


Randy Bimes, D.V.M.

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
Joined CVP in 2015
University of Illinois

It’s a great partnership with CVP. I rest easy knowing that I have steady hands focusing on the business, which allows me to spend more time on what I really love: helping Quakertown’s patients. Partnering with CVP ensures our employees, our patients, and our community will continue to receive the care they deserve. They have always encouraged the exchange of ideas between lead veterinarians and practice managers that is fundamental to enhancing practice growth.


Dr. Samuel Geller

Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
Joined CVP in 2015
University of Pennsylvania

Being part of the CVP family opens up opportunities to learn from and share best management practices with other veterinary hospitals. Ultimately, we want to provide the best possible care to our patients and better opportunities for our staff. CVP has allowed our management philosophy and company culture to continue. Our team feels empowered to do the right thing and knows they have good partners by their side to help when they need it.

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