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Community Veterinary Partners is pleased to host VetFuel™, a unique web series of thoughtful discussions with leading industry experts on current trends and topics of importance to the veterinary industry.

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Each VetFuel event is in partnership with leading veterinary industry experts from some of our industry’s most knowledgeable organizations. Presenters will share valuable industry insights and information, and answer questions from attendees. We invite practice owners, associate veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary students, and our industry partners to participate and share in these insightful discussions.

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At Community Veterinary Partners our mission is to bring joy to families by providing the best care possible to the pets they love. We are a community of animal hospitals brought together to collaborate on the best way to deliver quality care to patients and a first-rate experience for clients. We are committed to investing in and partnering with leading hospitals, nurturing the best people, and providing support services that are paramount in our industry. Quality of care is always foremost and will forever remain at the hospital level. Learn more about what it’s like to be a part of CVP.

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Enhancing Intercultural Competency

09/29/2020 | Dr. Latonia Craig, Assistant Dean for Inclusive Excellence, Purdue University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Cultural competency, diversity and inclusion are hot topics at the forefront of numerous conversations across our country today. It has long been known, diversity in veterinary medicine has been lagging…

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Understanding and Maximizing the Value of Your Veterinary Property

08/25/2020 | Daniel Eisenstadt, CEO and Chairman of Terravet Real Estate Solutions

Real estate is often one of the veterinarian owner’s most valuable assets and some of the simplest aspects of managing your property could have meaningful financial impacts. Whether you are…

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    Industry Outlook Amid COVID-19 with AVMA Chief Economist

    07/20/2020 | Matthew Salois, PhD, Chief Economist, Head of Economic Division, American Veterinary Medical Association

    The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on us as a society and on every industry across the globe. CVP is pleased to partner with Dr. Matt Salois,…

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    Guidance for Approaching Your Financial Health with Student Debt

    06/24/2020 | Andrew Rotz, CFP, CCF, Director of Personal Finance and Financial Literacy for NC State University's College of Veterinary Medicine

    There is a financial burden with becoming a veterinarian today and many young associates, recent grads and students are faced with the challenge of managing their student debt while establishing…

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    COVID-19 Restrictions are Loosening, Now What?

    06/04/2020 | Frank Muggia, Partner, Harris Beach

    The restrictions placed on businesses by local, state and national governments created a number of challenges for veterinary practices. And now, as restrictions are starting to lift, veterinary practice owners…

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    Navigating the COVID-19 Quagmire for Veterinary Practices

    05/21/2020 | Frank Muggia, Partner, Harris Beach / Scott Piper, Attorney, Harris Beach

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring new levels of uncertainty to veterinary practices and navigating the complexities of protecting your staff while seeing patients and ensuring you are making sound…

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