Don't just sell your practice, join a community.

Choose a partner who believes people are at the heart of delivering the best care possible. 

Choose a partner who preserves your strong culture and identity.

Choose a partner who paves the way for exceptional people to carry on your legacy. 

Don’t just choose a partner, join a community.

Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) believes people are at the heart of delivering our mission of bringing joy to families by providing the best care possible to the pets they love. The vision for each hospital that joins the CVP community is to build upon what the hospital owner has built by enabling their strong culture and identities to be preserved and paving the way for exceptional people to carry on their legacies.

When you join CVP, you’re not only gaining a partner, you’re joining a community. Community is in our name. It’s what we’ve built through partnerships with leading industry hospitals and veterinarians and our community is strengthened with each new hospital that joins it. We strive to grow and evolve our community for the benefit of our veterinary owners, veterinarians, team members, and the pets they provide unwavering compassionate care to, every day.

Dr. Sarsfield
“When I sold my hospital over 10 years ago, I was afraid I would lose what made my practice so successful for so many years. The reality is, CVP has helped me make it better by providing my team with the support they need to be the best at what they do. CVP allows us to focus on delivering care to each pet that comes in to our hospital. We are still a close-knit family, and also part of a group of hospitals that share the common goal of being there for clients and their pets when they need us. We have continued to grow and serve more families. Because of that, I am proud to be part of CVP.”
Robert J. Sarsfield Jr. DVM


When you decide to sell your practice, we commit to working in partnership with you to continue the legacy you have created, in fact honoring your legacy is one of our core values.

Hear from other CVP doctors and team members on why they love being part of the community and how they are supported by CVP.

If you’re considering selling your practice, we would like the opportunity to share with what you can expect by joining our community.

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Don’t just sell your practice, join a community.

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