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You've always been a pet person. Now you're ready to put that passion to work. As the next generation of veterinary professional, it's important that you're career-ready as soon as you graduate. That's why CVP's student programs give you the opportunity to work alongside seasoned vets, equipping you with true hands-on experience delivering great care.

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grow your skills this summer.

Our eight-week Student Colleague Program is designed to give student vets an immersive experience at hospital sites specifically chosen for their interest in teaching future generations of DVMs.


inspire your peers.

CVP Student Ambassadors are instrumental in connecting veterinary students at their schools with the many opportunities available within CVP.


follow where your passion leads.

We're proud to offer Externships to veterinary students at hospitals including Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Exotic and Wildlife Animal Medicine, Mixed Animal Practice, and a unique Small Animal Clinical Trial Externship. Our customizable programs are designed to augment the veterinary school curriculum, while our hospital teams help you grow your technical, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Current Externs and Student Colleagues

Here you will find all the forms needed during your time with CVP.

CVP Commitment to Student Development

At CVP, we’re committed to providing the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary professionals with the tools and opportunities they need to be career-ready as soon as they graduate. We’ve built mentorship into our student programs so you can work alongside seasoned industry professionals. The guidance you receive and relationships you build will remain invaluable wherever your career takes you.

“Through my years of practice, I felt it was our duty to prepare the next generation of veterinarians. I am excited to work with our hospitals to provide our students with experiences that will set them off on their careers from the moment they graduate.”

- Dr. Laura Strong, Director of University Relations


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