Preparing the Next Generation of Veterinarians.

We are committed to providing our next generation of veterinarians and veterinary professionals with opportunities to gain the hands-on experience necessary to be career-ready immediately upon graduation.

Be Career Ready

Students in our University Relations Initiative work alongside seasoned veterinary professionals delivering unparalleled patient and client care with uncompromising compassion. Our mentoring veterinarians provide hands-on, real-world clinical experiences that help prepare students to make the decisions necessary to deliver quality care. We are devoted to the success of each of our students and to helping them be career-ready immediately upon graduation.

Hands-on, real-world clinical experiences
Exciting, fast-paced entrepreneurial environments
Work alongside seasoned, professional veterinarians
Participate in leadership seminars and local education events when available

CVP University Relations Initiative

Launched in 2018 and led by Dr. Laura Strong, the CVP University Relations Initiative is uniquely designed to prepare veterinary students for the successful transition from study to practice by exposing them to fast-paced, exciting and true entrepreneurial work environments. With small animal, mixed-animal and specialty care hospitals across the eastern side of the United States, CVP offers a vast array of opportunities for students to put into practice what they have been learning in the classroom.

Become Part of Our Community

Medical advisory and operations advisory boards made up of veterinarians from across our network provide guidance to our community of hospitals, while the delivery of quality care will forever remain at the hospital level. Through collaboration with our hospitals, we work to continuously evolve the way we support the professional growth and personal development of every member of our clinical staff. Our students are expected to be key contributors to our community of veterinarians who are committed to the advancement of quality care for our patients.

“Through my years of practice, I felt it was our duty to prepare the next generation of veterinarians. I am excited to work with our hospitals to provide our students with experiences that will set them off on their careers from the moment they graduate.”

- Dr. Laura Strong, Director of University Relations


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