Our Team

We are veterinarians, practice owners, managers, and marketers. Our team has deep experience in medicine, leadership, operations, finance and human resources. We operate with a common goal: to help CVP hospitals provide the highest quality care and achieve their full potential.

Fali Sidhva
President and Chief Operating Officer
Shawn Heming
Chief Financial Officer
Katina Palm
Regional Director of Operations
Dennis McMichael
Director of Integration & Regional Director of Operations
Martin Mikosz
Regional Director of Operations
Shanon Midford
Director of Marketing
Kimberly Kaufman
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
Rhonda Stretton
Assistant Controller
Celeste Cirone
Senior Accountant
Chutima Orsirivikorn
Financial Analyst
Stacy Wright
Kathy Hein
Staff Accountant
Daniel Eisenstadt
Scott Kirker
Vice President of Finance
Travis Meredith
Director of Member Services
Michael Raphael
Chairman of Hospitals

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