Our Team

We are veterinarians, practice owners, managers, and marketers. Our team has deep experience in practice management, medicine, leadership, operations, finance and human resources. We operate with a common goal: to support our CVP hospitals so they can provide the highest quality care to our patients.

Dr. Randy Bimes
Chair, Medical Advisory Board
Belinda Yeager Carter
Vice President of Marketing
Shawn Heming
Chief Financial Officer
Dennis McMichael
Director of Integration
Kevin Ruffe
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Laura Strong
Director of University Relations
Dr. Bob Sarsfield
Chair, Operations Advisory Board
John Tramontina
Vice President of Business Development
Jamie Tromba
Director of Human Resources
Lou Weihrauch
Vice President of Operations
Alisha Blaes
Regional Director of Operations
Sean Brooks
Regional Director of Operations
Andrea Countryman
Regional Director of Operations
Steve Earwood
Regional Director of Operations
Dr. Alex Quarti
Regional Director of Operations
Carmen Magnotta, III
Director of Business Development, Mid-Atlantic Region
Tracey Winfree
Director of Business Development, South Region
Eric D'Ambrosio
Rhonda Stretton
Director of Special Projects
Chutima Barrios
Financial Analyst
Emily Balog
Regional Marketing Specialist
Kyle Baptiste
Accounts Payable Assistant
Michael Cenisio
Analyst, Business Development
Celeste Cirone
Senior Accountant
Jeremy Eiseman
Holly Hazzan
Veterinary Recruiter
Kathy Hein
Brad Hess
Learning Management System Administrator
Elizabeth Hoover
PIMS System Specialist
Derya Hunsucker
Regional Marketing Specialist
Sheree Jenerette
Accounts Payable Clerk
Kelly Krimm
HR Integrations Coordinator
Nicholas Laidlaw
Bridget McDonald
Maura Pfeiffer
Administrative Assistant
Amelia Shane
Campaign Brand Manager
Gianna Spina
Regional Marketing Specialist
Patrick Weiss
Stacy Wright