Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital is One of the First New Hampshire-Based Animal Hospitals Welcomed to the Growing CVP Family

PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 13, 2019) – Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to announce, Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital (VESH) in Brentwood, New Hampshire has joined the ever-growing group of veterinary hospitals as one of the first in the state welcomed into the CVP family. 

Owners Dr. Selvi Kumaresan-Lampman and Dr. Timothy Lampman founded VESH in 2006 with a commitment to ensuring quality emergency and surgical care for small animals in the Brentwood community. They expanded to add general practice to their offerings in 2014. Accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), VESH has demonstrated high standards of continuous, quality animal care for the last 14 years they have been in practice.

“VESH is home to a remarkable team of veterinarians, demonstrated by their AAHA accreditation and the relationships they’ve built with the families throughout their community,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP. “Their commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality care to every pet they treat is right in line with CVP’s mission and values. We are honored to have them as part of the CVP family.”

In partnership with Dr. Timothy Lampman, Medical Director and Lead Veterinarian, Dr. Natalie Levesque leads the VESH team in providing 24/7 emergency services, surgery, general practice and orthopedic services, as well as acupuncture to the pets that visit them every day. Associate veterinarians Dr. Thomas Diffell, Dr. Erin McGrail, Dr. Timothy Hunt and Dr. Ann Craig, round out VESH’s experienced veterinary team. 

“We’re excited by the CVP partnership for many reasons. Mostly, I am struck by how the CVP team has worked to transition our hospital in a way that has maintained our leadership structure and team. And in their diligence to uphold the incredible culture we’ve worked so hard to build over the years,” said Dr. Kumaresan-Lampman.

“CVP was an ideal partner as we pursued and worked through this transition,” said Dr. Lampman. “It was critical to all of us at VESH to maintain our commitment to providing care throughout our community while prioritizing the growth of our emergency and general practice services. We’re grateful to CVP for their partnership and guidance in helping us see a clear path toward achieving our goals together.”

With the addition of VESH, Community Veterinary Partners maintains its commitment to providing quality care and compassion to animals and families throughout their footprint and is proud to expand the CVP family to the state of New Hampshire.