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The big news this week is the high revenue growth showing up in the industry. We’re seeing the same trends with our family of hospitals. Some of it could be just great comparisons against last year’s results, which really suffered due to the tough winter on the East Coast. But my gut is that something more is going on. There’s a lot of wind at our backs.

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The Top Story
Industry News

Fast Growth Hits Small Animal Hospitals

Two news stories this week highlight the fast growth hitting our industry. VCA reported 6 percent growth at its hospitals during the 2nd Quarter, and Gatto McFerson, the west coast accounting firm, said the 175 practices it tracks in California were up double digits in June.

Read the VCA press release.

Read the Gatto McFerson press release.

More Veterinary Industry News
Regulatory Issues

Popular as ever, veterinary compounding poised for change

New guidance issued by the FDA has the potential to significantly alter the way veterinary compounding is practiced and the players and training involved.

Read the full story by VIN.

Read the pharmacy regulations for your state at the AVMA site.

Read the full guidance from the FDA.


App lets veterinarians, pet owners consult live online

A new regional mobile app is providing a virtual veterinary service allows pet owners to consult with a veterinarian at any time. But the convenience of bypassing an office visit through Vet24seven or similar apps now available might not allow for adequate animal care, some Sacramento-area veterinarians said. Participating veterinarians could violate state regulations if they offer virtual treatment for an animal they’ve never physically seen.

Read the full story at the Sacramento Bee.


Zoetis Receives a Conditional License from USDA for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Immunotherapeutic

Zoetis announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has granted the company a conditional license for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Immunotherapeutic, an antibody therapy to help reduce clinical signs associated with atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Read the new release from Zoetis

Read the news release from the USDA

What Your Clients Are Reading

How Advanced—and Expensive—Can Veterinary Care Get?

With the completion of a $5-million expansion this spring, an 80-year-old D.C. hospital—which already provided primary and 24-hour emergency care—doubled in size and became the only veterinary facility in the District with MRI and CT-scanning machines, an underwater treadmill for post-surgery hydrotherapy, a new intensive-care unit, and board-certified specialists in areas such as neurology and pathology.

Read the full story in the Washingtonian.

Knowing Your Client

Veterinary Clients Show High Loyalty When Considering Elective Procedures

A new study financed by CareCredit shows that 2/3 of veterinary clients will use their current veterinarian for elective procedures — a higher percentage than for dentists, optometrists and other medical professionals.

Read the full news release at CareCredit.

Read the full study.

State Regulatory Issues

Veterinarians mobilize against legislation to tax medical care for pets

Practitioners in North Carolina and Connecticut recently have rallied against legislative attempts to tax veterinary medical care.

Read the full story at VIN.

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