LaVale Veterinary Hospital Joins the Growing CVP Family as the 2nd Maryland-based Animal Hospital

PHILADELPHIA, PA (December 6, 2019) –Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to announce LaVale Veterinary Hospital is the 2nd Maryland-based practice to join the growing CVP family. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Ian MacFawn, LaVale Veterinary Hospital is the only 24-hour hospital serving the surrounding LaVale community.

Led by Dr. Jim Cosgrove and Dr. Jason Griffith, LaVale Veterinary Hospital comes to CVP with a focus on providing services to communities that have limited access to emergency and specialty animal clinics. The hospital is a lifeline to high-quality, accessible pet care for many families. 

“Joining CVP was more than just a business decision—this was personal,” said Dr. MacFawn. “I started this practice in 1986, and it has grown over the last 30 years into an eight-doctor practice, with 40 family members on our support staff and our own families, including my daughter, Lauryn, working alongside us. We’re excited to join a compassionate family of fellow veterinary providers that understands our commitment to pets, pet families, and our own family at LaVale.”

For more than 30 years, LaVale Veterinary Hospital has been committed to providing the best in routine care, emergency care, and preventative wellness. In addition, the practice also provides medical, surgical, dental and critical care, radiology, chemotherapy and palliative care, cold laser therapies, and more. CVP has a long-standing reputation of helping hospitals with the same commitment to continue their legacies.

“The LaVale team’s commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive, and high-quality care to every pet in their community is so at home within the CVP community, our mission, and our values. All of us at CVP are excited to partner with the entire team at LaVale to ensure every pet and every pet family continue to receive that same great care,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP.  

“It was critical to all of us at LaVale to maintain our long legacy of care to LaVale and our surrounding communities,’ said Dr. Cosgrove. “We are thankful for CVP’s partnership, guidance, and the ability to maintain our values throughout the entire process.” 

“LaVale is a family of veterinarians who care deeply about the work we do,” said Dr. Griffith. “Partnering with CVP has been a positive experience and we’re excited to continue to grow within CVP and our local community.” 

With the acquistion of LaVale Veterinary Hospital, Community Veterinary Partners maintains its focus on providing quality care and compassion to animals and families in their communities.

Community Veterinary Partners Announces Hospital Partnership with Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City

Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to welcome Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City as the 58th hospital to join our growing community of animal hospitals. Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City has been providing quality, compassionate care to pets within their community for over 65 years.

Founded in 1953, the clinical care staff at Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City has a passion for pets and is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to their patients. Led by Dr. Lawrence Buchholz, Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City offers general veterinary care and other services including laser therapy, dermatology, dentistry and cardiology. Pet care services such as boarding and grooming are also offered at the 3,000-square-foot facility.

“The focus on providing the best care for their patients at Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City is so perfectly aligned with our mission here at CVP,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP. “We are thrilled that Dr. Buchholz and his team are joining our community. We look forward to helping them continue what they have already built in the Jersey City community.”

Located in the northern part of the state, Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City is the fourth hospital from the state of New Jersey to join CVP’s growing family of hospitals.

“The reason I became a vet was to care for animals,” commented Dr. Buchholz. “Our partnership with CVP will allow me to get back to practicing medicine and caring for my patients, while knowing they are taking care of our people. We’ve already experienced increased benefits for everyone at the hospital. We are excited about this next chapter for our hospital.”

CVP will continue to look for opportunities for additional hospitals to join their growing network. CVP’s mission is to be able to help their hospitals bring more joy and quality care to pets and the families that love them.