West End Veterinary Office as the 8th New York-Based Animal Hospital to Join the Growing CVP Family

Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to announce West End Veterinary Office as the newest animal hospital to join the growing CVP family. West End is now the 8th New York-based veterinary practice within the CVP community, continuing CVP’s steady expansion on the Eastern side of the United States.

Led by Dr. Don Factor, with associate veterinarian Dr. Krysten Santiago, the Newburgh-based veterinary practice comes to CVP with a focus on providing animal care for a wide variety of exotic, avian, and household pets, as well as other small animals.

“At CVP, we know that people’s love for animals extends beyond the typical household pet. That is why we are so excited for West End to join us. With their focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive care for a wide variety of animals, West End’s dedicated veterinary staff’s experience will be a benefit to the entire CVP family,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP. “We are looking forward to what we will be able to accomplish as we continue to build and grow together.”

Operating for nearly two decades, West End provides routine and preventative wellness, medical, surgical, and dental care, emergency services, labs and diagnostics, and a noninvasive cold laser therapy program to help reduce or avoid the use of drugs or surgical interventions for painful and inflammatory conditions. West End is certified as a cat-friendly practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), which sets guidelines and best practices on providing veterinary care to cats.

Additionally, West End is a proud practitioner of “Fear Free” techniques to help ensure that every pet experiences the most stress-free visit possible. From a variety of tools and techniques, including pre-treated blankets with natural cat pheromones to help felines relax, private, pet-friendly waiting rooms for cats, birds, exotic or small animals, ensuring that staff use dimly-lit exam rooms, low voices, and gentle handling, and offering toys and treats as rewards and distractions, every effort is taken to ensure both pets and humans look forward to and enjoy the entire veterinary experience.

“When I founded West End in 2001, I did so because I believe all animals should be treated with the care, compassion, and love they deserve, whether they have four paws, feathers, or scales,” Dr. Factor said. “Throughout the entire process of deciding to integrate our practice into CVP’s network, I focused on the people our veterinary staff would connect with as we continue to grow. We’re a big part of the special bonds people build with their pets over their lifetimes and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We saw those values reflected in CVP and the CVP community.”

With the addition of West End, Community Veterinary Partners maintains its focus on providing quality care and compassion to animals and families in their communities.