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Get Ready to Pay Your New Vets More Money

A new report from the AVMA finds that starting salaries for veterinarians is $67,000, but that increases are coming over the next 10 years.

“The report predicts that an increase in starting salaries will follow from an improving economy and a forecast that continued growth in the number of veterinary graduates is unlikely,” according to the story.

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The Top Story
Veterinary Industry Study

Starting Salaries for Vets Expected to Rise

Starting salaries for veterinarians are expected to increase substantially between 2014 and 2024, according to a new report from the AVMA.

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More Veterinary Industry News
Food Rules

FDA Issues Groundbreaking Rules for Manufacturing Pet Foods

Nearly 5 years after the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)–and after multiple outbreaks of food-borne illnesses in both people and their pets–the FDA has finalized two major rules contained in the law. One of those rules marks the first time the agency is laying out current good manufacturing practices for making, processing and packaging animal foods..

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Penn Vet Team Identifies a Form of Congenital Night Blindness in Dogs

Working in collaboration with Japanese scientists, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have for the first time found a form of congenital night blindness in dogs. Their discovery and subsequent hunt for the genetic mutation responsible may one day allow for the development of gene therapy to correct the dysfunction in people as well as dogs.

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Watch a video on the research

What Your Clients Are Reading

Dogster: What You Need to Know About the Rabies Vaccine

Rabies vaccines are among the strongest immune-stimulating vaccines, as they are killed-virus products that contain powerful adjuvants (substances that enhance the body’s immune response to an antigen), and all but one currently licensed rabies vaccine contains mercury (thimerosal) preservative, which is known to induce autoimmune and other immunological adverse effects. That said, rabies is a fatal disease of all mammals, including humans, and is the reason that rabies vaccination is legally mandated.

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Gender Issues

Takeaways from a forum on issues confronting women in the profession.

1. Generational differences cause conflicts for women and men alike.
2. Fear of risk holds back many women.
3. Negative labels discourage women.
4. Women should take time for themselves.

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Federal Regulations

AVMA urges veterinary profession to oppose mandatory prescription writing

The AVMA is urging veterinarians and their staff to oppose the bill by signing an alert on the AVMA website and contacting their congressional representatives to oppose the bill.

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Read the full text of the bill
See the AVMA alert