Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt Joins the Growing CVP Family as the 6th North Carolina-based Animal Hospital

Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to announce Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt is the 6th North Carolina-based practice to join the growing CVP family. 

Led by Dr. J. Linwood Jernigan, with associate veterinarians Dr. Tess Jordan, Dr. Catherine Brown, and Dr. Carolyn Hennessey, Animal Hospital of Lake Brandt comes to CVP with a focus on providing high-quality animal care for a variety of pets across Summerfield and the surrounding communities.

“AHLB’s commitment to providing comprehensive, quality care to every pet in their community, combined with their compassionate approach to educating and assisting families in giving their pets the best possible lives, feels so at home within the CVP community. All of us at CVP are excited to partner with the entire team at Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP. 

Lake Brandt provides routine, emergency, and preventative wellness, as well as comprehensive medical, surgical, reproductive medicine, dental care, orthopedics, diagnostics, and dermatology, as well as a dedicated focus on nutrition and health. AHLB is unique as they also offer minimally invasive (laproscopic) surgical options as well.

“At AHLB, kindness is the foundation of our practice. In working with CVP, we believe our values are in perfect alignment. We’re excited to join a compassionate family of veterinary providers, offering the best care possible to pets and their families. Our entire team and I are tremendously grateful to CVP for their partnership, their guidance, and their commitment to maintaining our values throughout this transition.”

With the addition of Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, Community Veterinary Partners maintains its focus on providing quality care and compassion to animals and families in their communities in the state of North Carolina, as well as across the entire CVP footprint.