Why Partner with Community Veterinary Partners

Don’t just choose a partner, join a community.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to take the next step in securing your future, continuing your legacy, and taking care of your team and your family, all while making sure your patients continue to receive the best care possible.


What you can personally expect when selling your practice to CVP:

  • Competitive valuations & options to share in future growth
  • Seller-friendly, flexible deal structures to meet your unique needs
  • Reinvestment opportunities that are tax-deferred
  • When you decide, succession planning to help continue your legacy
  • Key employee retention strategies
  • Embracing of your identity and culture, valuing your brand equity


When you decide to sell your practice, we commit to working in partnership with you to continue the legacy you have created, in fact, honoring your legacy is one of our core values.

Hear from CVP doctors and team members on why they love being part of our community and how they are supported:

I know you have questions and I can help. Send me an email or call me directly at 919-622-2794. I’d love to discuss all the ways your hospital, your team, your community, and your patients will benefit from a partnership with CVP.

Interested in understanding the value of your business? Along with my team, I can provide a free valuation. Provide the information requested in the form below to start the valuation process. We keep this information completely confidential.

Don’t just sell your practice, join a community.

Tracey Winfree

“I would love the opportunity to discuss with you CVP’s commitment to supporting our hospital teams as they make the care decisions at the hospital level for each patient. I know how important that is to you, as it is important to me too.”

Tracey Winfree

Director of Business Development