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We'll work to understand your practice's unique needs so you can make the shift without compromising care or quality 
of life. 

Easy Transition

Partnering with you to grow your practice and helping you plan your future are key ways we support your long-term goals and continue the legacy of what you have built.

Healthy Future

You get the opportunity to join a thriving community while continuing to deliver care to each pet personally, within your practice.

Thriving Community


Robert J. Sarsfield Jr. DVM 

“When I sold my hospital over 10 years ago, I was afraid I would lose what made my practice so successful for so many years. The reality is, CVP has helped me make it better by providing my team with the support they need to be the best at what they do.

CVP allows us to focus on delivering care to each pet that comes in to our hospital. We are still a close-knit family, and also part of a group of hospitals that share the common goal of being there for clients and their pets when they need us. We have continued to grow and serve more families. Because of that, I am proud to be part of CVP.”

Keep what makes you you

We'd love to learn more about you, your team, and your practice and help you picture your practice in its forever home within the CVP community. 

Start a conversation

Flexible compensation structures with advanced benefits, including investment opportunities for key team members, allowing them to reap a financial reward for their commitment. Enhanced benefits for your team including paid parental leave and free access to mental health support.

Continue to deliver exceptional care under the same name and with the same culture as you always have; and retain the autonomy to direct the care being delivered, without oversight from regional or corporate medical directors.

Competitive valuations and flexible deal structures with reinvestment opportunities allow you to reap greater financial rewards as your practice continues to grow.

Reward the people that matter

Unlock the full potential of the value of your practice

Join Community Veterinary Partners, a community of pet people passionate about delivering our mission of bringing joy to families by providing the best care possible for the pets they love.

Sell your practice without selling out.