Dr. Sarsfield’s Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit

Community is part of our name and part of our DNA. We’ve talked about this part of who we are in previous posts. It’s great to see the same dedication in our partners. Recently Dr. Bob Sarsfield, our business partner and the chief medical officer at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, held his annual benefit for Alzheimer’s Disease . More than 120 people participated, and more than $35,000 was raised. This is the 14th year that Dr. Sarsfield has held the golf tournament, which has now raised $335,000 to support Alzheimer’s caregivers and their families.

Dr. Sarsfield started the event after the death of his father Robert Sarsfield, Sr. His entire family takes part in the planning and the (busy) day of activities.

Dr. Sarsfield is a very low handicap. Danny, Marc and I didn’t do nearly as well (although Marc chipped in for birdie on the 15th), but we had a great time playing Hershey Links.



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