We’ve Grown Our Family of Veterinary Hospitals into the State of Virginia!


We are thrilled to announce that we’ve grown our family to include the great state of Virginia. Two new hospitals joined Community Veterinary Partners earlier this year.

Crossroads Animal Care Center was founded by Dr. Olson in 1998 and is staffed with three veterinarians with over 30 years of combined experience. Treatment of pets is done with compassion and takes into consideration the individual needs of the pet and family. Dr. Olson is, “so excited to be the first hospital in Virginia to join CVP. It brought back the same emotions as when I started Crossroads so many years ago.” Before founding CACC, Dr. Olson earned his DVM from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech (VMRCVM). He has a special interest in ultrasound and has completed more than 10 advanced training courses, accumulating over 200 hours of continuing education in ultrasound.

“Crossroads is aptly named – it was our first hospital in Virginia, helping us continue the expansion of Community Veterinary Partners,” said Michael Raphael, chairman of CVP Hospitals. “Dr. Kent Olson and his colleagues have a superior reputation and a great family community. We’re excited to learn more about the Old Dominion State from the Crossroads’ team.


great falls


Great Falls Animal Hospital was started in 1963 and in 1982 was purchased by Drs. Richard Henshaw and William Goldsmith. “Great Falls has been one of the leading veterinary hospitals in Northern Virginia for a long time. CVP is thrilled to have them join us and we are particularly delighted to be working with Dr. Rick Henshaw and Dr. Bill Goldsmith,” Said CVP Chairman Daniel Eisenstadt.

Dr. Henshaw has been at Great Falls since he volunteered as a teenager. Before joining as a veterinarian, he received his DVM degree from the University of Georgia. Dr. Goldsmith was a competitive swimmer in both high school and college and graduated from Ohio State University with his DVM. “We are very pleased with the professional relationship that has developed between Great Falls Animal Hospital and CVP. It was time for us to secure the value we had accumulated in 35 years of practice ownership. We felt that CVP would maintain our high levels of care and take good care of our treasured clients and patients. In addition, their management assistance has taken the burden of day to day operations off our shoulders. We could not be happier with our choice.” Said Dr. Henshaw and Dr. Goldsmith.



Should Your Animal Hospital Offer House Calls and In-Home Veterinary Services?

House Calls Dr Plotnick Manhattan Cat Specialists

Written By: Brad Reiss, Practice Manager, Manhattan Cat Specialists

Many veterinary hospitals do not offer house-calls or in-home veterinary services and wonder whether or not it is the right choice for their practice. Manhattan Cat Specialists, a CVP Partner Hospital, offers house calls. Owner, Arnold Plotnick, MS, DVM, ACVIM, a veterinarian & feline expert for over 30 years, believes there a number of reasons for offering house calls:

  • Some cats get so nervous on the trip to the vet that they urinate, defecate, or vomit (or all three!) in their carrier on the way to (or from) the office.
  • Some cats who are normally very well-behaved at home become very agitated and aggressive once they enter the veterinary office.
  • Some cats, with their sixth sense, know that a veterinary visit is imminent, and they hide under the bed or the couch, making their capture and transport to the office an ordeal for the client.
  • Many of clients have multiple cats, and bringing two, or three, or five (or seven…) cats to the office becomes a logistical nightmare.
  • As our feline population ages, clients are aging right along with them, and some elderly clients find it increasingly difficult to bring their cat to the office.
  • Many owners would like their terminally ill cats to be euthanized in their own home when the time comes.

For these reasons, Manhattan Cat Specialists decided to provide house calls and in-home veterinary services in order to meet the needs of their clients.

When a client makes an appointment for a house call, Dr. Plotnick and a veterinary technician visit the home with the necessary equipment and medical supplies in order to duplicate the type of visit the cat would receive at the hospital.  This includes a complete physical examination, blood and urine collection for lab analysis if necessary, vaccinations, microchipping, feline leukemia and FIV testing, blood typing, subcutaneous fluid administration, ear cleaning, claw trimming, blood pressure measurement, application of Soft Paws, and many other procedures.

And of course, when the time is appropriate, euthanasia can be performed in a gentle, compassionate manner at home. Manhattan Cats will also take care of the cremation arrangements.

It’s important to let clients know which home procedures cannot be performed in the home, for example, x-rays and surgery.  After the examination, if it is determined that a cat needs these or other advanced diagnostic procedures, or needs to be admitted to the hospital, transportation for the cat to the hospital will be arranged. Life threatening emergencies cannot wait, and should not be scheduled for house calls.  Cats who are having difficulty breathing, are having seizures, are unconscious, or are bleeding uncontrollably should be brought to the practice immediately, or to an emergency hospital if it is after hours.

To know whether offering house calls is right for your veterinary hospital, it’s a good idea to survey clients. Those with multiple or difficult pets may be the top clients to take advantage of this service. Especially if no other animal hospitals are doing house calls in the area, you may increase your client base as well as current pet visits.

To learn more about Manhattan Cat Specialists visit their website HERE.

Community Veterinary Partners Welcomes Ardmore Animal Hospital To Our Family!

ardmore animal hospital

Ardmore Animal Hospital has joined the CVP family of veterinary hospitals! Ardmore Animal Hospital has won “Best of the Main Line” for 15 years in a row. The hospital provides several professional services including wellness care, ultrasounds, digital radiology, and laser surgery. The hospital has also recently received a Silver Certificate in recognition of implementing cat-friendly practice standards according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

The staff of doctors includes partner doctor, Dr. James Bianco, Dr. James Peters, Dr. Lena Montgomery, Dr. Janine Haney, and Dr. Aliya McCullough.Dr. Meghan McCartin who will be joining the team in October.

Michael Raphael, Chairman of Community Veterinary Partners, is especially excited for Ardmore Animal Hospital to join the CVP family: “Ardmore Animal Hospital holds a special place for me,” he said. “Not only is it one of the premier hospitals in the Philadelphia community, it’s also where my family took our dog when I was a kid. Dr. Bianco cared for Patches with such enthusiasm and affection. It’s stayed with me to this day. So the idea of becoming Dr. Bianco’s business partner is all that more special.”

Dr. Bianco has owned and operated Ardmore Animal Hospital since 1989. He is a 1987 graduate of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. Before attending veterinary school, he earned a master’s degree from Villanova University and also taught high school biology and advanced placement science courses for seven years. His interests in medicine include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and alternative modalities such as vitamin therapy, nutritional healing, and herbal medicine. He has done several segments for local TV networks. Dr. Bianco’s goal has always been to assemble the most qualified staff and practice the highest quality medicine for animals. The tremendous growth of Ardmore Animal Hospital has resulted in this facility being able to provide its patients with the best care possible.

Dr. Bianco is very excited to be partnering with Community Veterinary Partners.

“It was a smooth transition and everything was well organized,” he said. “There were no significant changes to the staff and management or the quality of medicine and the change has been virtually invisible to the clientele.”

Welcome to the CVP Family Ardmore Animal Hospital!

CVP Partner Hospital Connects With NY Community By Providing Veterinary Care for Government Agency Dogs

Written By: Brian Miller, Receptionist and Social Media Specialist, Liverpool Animal Health Center

Sargent Cicora & Devitt
Sargent Cicora & Devitt
McGinn & Devitt
McGinn & Devitt

Another unique group of patients we treat at Liverpool Animal Health Center are government agency dogs.  The New York State Police, United States Border Patrol and the City of Oswego bring some of their K9 officers in to be treated by our doctors.  This relationship was not designated by the agencies themselves, but rather, by the individual handlers.  According to Dr. David Clegg, the first K9 officer we treated was owned by a trooper whose other dog was already a patient with us.  The doctors were immediately impressed by the bond shared between the partners.  This particular K9 officer eventually needed to have his spleen removed, and his handler was very happy with the end result.  Through him, word began to spread about our practice, and we began to see more of these four-legged officers.  Dr. Clegg says that “Each handler we see here is great.  They love their dogs and will do whatever they can to follow our recommendations.”

One of the officers who began bringing his animals to LAHC was New York State Trooper Jeff Cicora who has been stationed in Central New York for over 20 years, and was chosen to become a K9 handler in 2001.  He and his wife began coming to our practice in 2005.  At the time, they owned a cocker spaniel, and Officer Cicora’s partner, “Devitt.”  Sgt. Cicora says that they had tried other local offices, but “When we finally tried LAHC we were pleasantly surprised at the friendly service provided by the staff and doctors.  If it was really busy, the awesome receptionists (Patti, Robbi, and Brian) would find a way to fit us in.  They went above and beyond to help us with our veterinary needs.  When we got in to see the doctors we were treated with respect and given medical information in a way that we could easily understand.  In all the years that I have been going to LAHC with my K9 partners, I have never questioned their ability to give my dogs the very best care available!”

When it came to Devitt, as well as treating Sgt. Cicora’s next partner “McGinn” and all of the other officers that came through our doors, Dr. Clegg states that the doctors have to be aware that the animals are working dogs and need to be able to perform their job.  “They are no different than a service dog for someone who is deaf or blind.  Being able to work is part of their life, and we need to acknowledge that the dog cannot simply stay home and lay on the couch for two weeks.”  This type of care was not lost on Sgt. Cicora.  “We were always treated like family and if Devitt or McGinn ever had a medical problem the staff and doctors at LAHC took immediate action and treated the problem,” says Cicora.   “We certainly didn’t request or demand special treatment but the doctors always seemed to take a special interest in us.  They seemed to know the importance of the job and duties that we performed on a daily basis and did everything they could to make Devitt and McGinn comfortable and get them back into service as soon as possible.”  He goes on to say, “Our K9 partners’ health is very important and you should always feel comfortable in knowing that your dog is getting the best treatment available.  You should be able to trust your vet just as much as you trust your dog.  Police work is inherently dangerous and you must be able to trust that your vet is trained and prepared for the worst case scenario if your dog goes down.”  Sgt. Cicora finishes with a statement that is not only a wonderful compliment, but succinctly summarizes the feelings we yearn for all of our clients to have.  “We have found ourselves in the office quite frequently over the years for a myriad of reasons and built a great rapport with the staff and doctors. If I ever had leave either of my partners, I knew they would be well taken care.  I trusted that the doctors and animal caretakers would protect them like I protected them. I never had any reservation about their care.  I am proud to say that I consider the staff at LAHC to be a part of our family.”

At Liverpool Animal Health Center, we not only strive to exceed our client’s expectations, but to set ourselves apart from our many competitors.  By defying convention and providing some of the aforementioned services that others do not, we continue to prove why our hospital is the premiere destination for animal care in Central New York.

CVP Welcomes Manhattan Cat Specialists to Their Family of Partners Hospitals

photo (2) (1)mcsfront1 copy (1280x1023)

bestMCSStorefrontPic drpandtopeka

Community Veterinary Partners is proud to announce a new partnership with Manhattan Cat Specialists and Arnold Plotnick, DVM, MS, ACVIM.  Located in New York City’s Upper West Side, Manhattan Cat Specialists is CVP’s first feline-only veterinary partnership.  “At CVP we are extremely excited to partner with Manhattan Cat Specialists and Dr. Plotnick” Says Scott Kirker, Vice President of Finance. “Their level of service and devotion to the cats of New York City is truly one of a kind, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partnership.”

Dr. Arnold Plotnick received his veterinary degree from the University of Florida in 1988 and then completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.  He worked as an associate veterinarian at the Cat Hospital at Towson in Md., and then returned to academia and completed a residency in small animal internal medicine at Colorado State University.  Dr. Plotnick became board certified in internal medicine in 1997.  He served as chief of staff of VetSmart Pet Hospital in Columbia, Md., before returning to his home town of New York City to become vice president of Animal Health at The ASPCA.

Dr. Plotnick is also a well-known writer. He authored CatFancy’s “Ask the Veterinarian” column for many years and is a frequent contributor to Catnip magazine. He is a co-author of The Original CatFancy Cat Bible, and is the current author of “Body Parts” in Catster magazine. He is also the writer of the popular blog “Cat Man Do.” Dr. Plotnick is extremely passionate about veterinary medicine as well as New York, “After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I was inspired to play a part in the renewal of New York by founding Manhattan Cat Specialists in January 2003.” Says Dr. Plotnick, “I have devoted myself solely to feline medicine since then, and Manhattan Cat Specialists has blossomed into the premier feline-only veterinary practice in New York City.  I am proud to move forward with Community Veterinary Partners.”

About Community Veterinary Partners
Community Veterinary Partners invests with veterinarian owners who want to continue running the medical side of their practice, but want help with the day-to-day administrative and team management tasks. CVP currently has 14 partner hospitals in its family. Find more information about Community Veterinary Partners and its family of veterinary hospitals at www.cvpco.com  

CVP Partner Hospital, Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, Proudly Helps The Wildlife of Bergen County

Last year alone, our partner hospital, Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital, cared for over 1,300 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. They are the only CVP Partner Hospital who is able to care for wildlife. The wildlife they provide veterinary care for ranges from tiny birds to deer and even hawks. With no one else in the area to care for wildlife, they have partnered with Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes (AFFL) a full-fledged tax-exempt charity to provide this much needed veterinary care. AFFl works hard to procure funds and supplies to pay for the needs of all the wildlife brought into Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital.  Last summer, AFFL was even able to help fund the salaries for two full-time college students to assist with the wildlife feeding and care at our hospital.

Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital and Community Veterinary Partners are proud to support the wildlife in Bergen County, New Jersey and will continue to work with Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes to help our furry friends. To learn more visit http://www.franklinlakesanimalhospital.com/animal-friends-of-franklin-lakes or http://www.animalfriendsoffranklinlakes.org/ . Also, check out some photos of wildlife at FLAH below!

Dr. Alan Pomerantz With A Fawn
baby racoon 2
A Baby Raccoon! Look How Small!
baby racoon
A Baby Raccoon Sleeping
Dr. Viktoriya Zilberman With A Fawn
A Baby Owl
A Baby Owl!

CVP Welcomes Two New Hospitals To Our Family!

Community Veterinary Partners is growing our family once again! We’re thrilled to welcome Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital and Liverpool Animal Health Center. CVP now has 11 veterinary hospitals spanning five states.

Liverpool Animal Health Center

Located just outside Syracuse, N.Y., Liverpool is fully accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association and the New York State Veterinary Medical Society.

The practice was founded in 1960 and moved to its current location on Oswego Road in 1988, the same year co-owner Dr. David Clegg joined the hospital staff.  Dr. Clegg was the sole owner since 2005.  The practice has five exam rooms and employs six veterinarians and 22 dedicated support staff.  The facility also has non-medical kennel capacity of about 35 animals. Services include complete dental care, soft-tissue surgery, radiology (dental and digital), laser therapy, ultrasound and hospice care.

“We are very excited about partnering with CVP and look at it as an opportunity for the practice and staff as well as CVP to benefit from the relationship.  The partnership will allow us to further develop the medical, dental and surgical care and services we provide for our clients and their pets with CVP focusing on the day to day administrative responsibilities for the hospital,” said Dr. Clegg. “They have given me the opportunity to refocus on what I love to do.  I feel this will be a great win-win situation allowing Liverpool Animal Health Center to help serve our local community with outstanding veterinary care in the future.”

Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital

Chippens Hill takes care of dogs, cats and exotics for clients in the Bristol, Conn., community. Dr. Larry Linnetz founded the hospital in 1976 and ran it for the next 31 years. His son, Dr. Eric Linnetz, grew up in the practice and eventually took over for his dad in 2007. Together, both father and son practice today, along with a lead veterinarian and two associate veterinarians.

“Chippens Hill has always emphasized high quality patient care and client service in a professional yet family friendly setting,” said Dr. Eric Linnetz, co-owner of Chippens Hill. “What appealed to me most about CVP were the similarities in their approach to their partner hospital relationships. CVP is a relatively small, familiar group with an inclusive philosophy to management. It just felt like the perfect fit.”

Dr. Emily Elliot leads the day-to-day clinical activities at Chippens Hill. She joined the staff in 1997 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

“Having just marked the first anniversary of Chippens Hill joining the fleet of CVP hospitals, I can attest to their sound financial management in support of medical freedom,” said Dr. Elliot, lead veterinarian at Chippens Hill. “In fact, the increased purchasing power and improved staff benefits, make practicing quality medicine more affordable and even competitive with internet pharmacies. We are able to maintain our family-friendly service and help our clients be able to buy locally from us.”

Animal Hospital of Dauphin County Kicks Off Educational Campaign For Referral Services

The Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, a CVP family hospital, kicked off an educational campaign for its growing suite of referral services last week at an event with the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association.

More than 50 local veterinarians and technicians attended the continuing education event, held at the Hollywood Casino in Grantville, PA. AHDC showcased the new referral services now available at the hospital, based in Hershey, PA.

Dr. Jason Tomes spoke about ultrasounds, Dr. AJ Cooley discussed orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery, and Dr. Jonathon Goodwin detailed his work in cardiology.

“Years ago local veterinarians and their clients had to travel several hours to benefit from comprehensive referral services professionals,” said Dr. Bob Sarsfield, AHDC co-owner and medical director. “The leadership at AHDC recognized the need for these services on a local level and we are excited to be able to offer these services to our colleagues, their clients, and their patients throughout south central Pennsylvania.”

The event also served as one of PVMA’s District 6 Dinner Meetings.  The event was made possible through the generous sponsorships of Calico Group, Hills Pet Nutrition, and Zoetis.

PVMA’s Executive Director, Charlene Wandzilak, provided an update of PVMA activities in the areas of continuing education, advocacy, and practice management.  “We are very pleased to be able to promote this mission by partnering with our friends at AHDC and their Referral Services Team,” Wandzilak said. “Events like this are key to furthering our role as an effective resource to PVMA’s more than 1,900 members throughout Pennsylvania.”

To learn more about the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, visit: www.ahdcvets.com

To learn more about the AHDC Referral Services Team, visit www.ahdcvets.com/care/referral-services/

To learn more about the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association visit their webpage www.pavma.org

Calico Group (www.calicogrp.com) provides loans to veterinarians and also purchases and leases back real estate from veterinarians.


Have You Seen our New Video?

We’re excited about the new video we put together showing what it’s like to work with Community Veterinary Partners. We’re showcasing it right now on our home page, so check it out. (You can also see it at the bottom of this post.)

The video includes interviews with Dr. Bob Sarsfield, our partner-owner at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County. There’s also commentary by our president, Daniel Eisenstadt, who talks about the kind of partners we’re looking for, and why it’s so important to have a succession plan in place.

Welcome to the Family Shippensburg & Winding Hill (We Tripled in Size This Year)

In the last few weeks we’ve added four new hospitals to the CVP family, bringing the total number of partnerships to nine. We’ve now tripled the number of CVP hospitals in 2012.

“This has been an exciting year for us at Community Veterinary Partners,” said Daniel Eisenstadt, president of Community Veterinary Partners. “We’ve added six terrific hospitals to the family this year. These are long-standing businesses with deep ties to their local communities. They are a perfect fit for CVP because they share our commitment to excellent medical care and strong business results.”

The four newest locations are in central Pennsylvania. The partnerships are consistent with CVP’s operating philosophy to operate non-competitive hospitals in regional geographies. The hospitals are:  Shippensburg Animal Hospital, Mount Rock Animal Hospital, Allen Road Veterinary Clinic and Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic.

Shippensburg, Mount Rock and Allen Road are part of the Shippensburg Animal Hospital family, which has been serving the Cumberland Valley region of Pennsylvania for the past 60 years. CVP’s partner and director of medicine for the hospital group is John D. Stoner DVM, who has operated the hospitals for 24 years. The partnership with Dr. Stoner closed last month.

“We provide a personal approach to the medical care of our patients,” said Dr. Stoner. Our three small-animal locations deliver comprehensive veterinary care including outpatient medical and routine surgical as well as more advance orthopedic surgical care and diagnostics.”

Shippensburg Animal Hospital and its dedicated staff are active members of the Cumberland Valley community and support the local shelters and animal rescues in a variety of ways. They participate in discount spay and neuter programs and help raise money and increase support for needy and unwanted animals.

“We are excited about our partnership with CVP and the opportunity it provides us to continue to grow and better serve the Cumberland Valley’s animal health needs,” said Dr. Stoner.

Winding Hill Veterinary Clinic is located in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  It has been owned and operated by Drs. Steve Tagg and Doug Brenner since 1982. The hospital is a nine-time and current winner of the “Simply the Best” award, as chosen by Harrisburg Magazine. CVP’s investment in Winding Hill closed earlier this month.

“Partnering with CVP was a big step and an important decision for us,” said Dr. Tagg. Being a partner rather than an employee was a big factor in our decision. We are looking forward to having less administrative responsibilities so we can concentrate on medical management.”

Earlier this year we welcomed Paradise Animal Hospital and Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital to the family.

About Community Veterinary Partners

Community Veterinary Partners (www.cvpco.com) co-owns and manages nine hospitals within 150 miles of Philadelphia. CVP works with veterinarian owners who want to continue running the medical side of their practices, but want help with the day-to-day administrative and team management tasks. CVP creates a long-term strategy and develops sustainable methods for veterinary practices to continue thriving — well into the future. Our staff includes management professionals and veterinarians who bring the resources that busy practices need to flourish. We take care of the important business work and staff management tasks that veterinarians simply don’t have the time to manage.