Dr. Bob Takes on Alzheimer’s Again…

Last weekend, Dr. Bob Sarsfield, our business partner and the medical director of the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, held his annual golf tournament to raise funds and awareness around Alzheimer’s Disease. It was the biggest turnout yet — 120 participants and 20 volunteers. This year Dr. Bob raised $39,000, which brings the 15-year total to more than $350,000.

Dr. Sarsfield and Marc Nathan at the Annual Sarsfield Golf Tournament

The event is held at Hershey Links, and it was a perfect day for a round of golf. Dr. Jim Kepner also participated, as he’s done for several years.

Dr. Bob started the event after the death of his father Robert Sarsfield, Sr. His entire family takes part in the planning. Proceeds benefit the Greater Pennsylvania chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Here’s the link to last year’s event.

Why we Support PAWS’ Great Chef Dinner

This is the second year that we are sponsoring the Chef Dinner for PAWS, with proceeds going to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.

PAWS is a great organization. It is the city’s largest rescue organization and only no-kill shelter. Not only does it do amazing things to support our cat and dog friends, it also promotes a positive message for the community.

Last year PAWS raised more than $200,000 at the dinner.

Here’s a video with some of the highlights. There’s a quick shot of Danny around three minutes in.

Community Days at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County

The staff at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County pride themselves on the special bond they have with the community. They volunteer aggressively and work hard to support local groups that share our goals. One thing that makes it easier is a special benefit that gives every member of the staff one extra paid day off each year to volunteer for a charity of his or her choosing. Continue reading…

Aston Veterinary Hospital: Welcome to the Family

One of the best parts of partnering with new veterinary hospitals is the time we get to spend getting to know the staff — and specifically working hand-in-hand at jobs throughout the hospital. Earlier this week I had a chance to learn the ropes at the front desk of the Aston Veterinary Hospital. My mentors (in the picture above) were a mix of long-time hospital leadership (Karen Moyer and Lori Schnell) and new arrivals (Laura Dennon). Thanks for your help! Continue reading…

Dr. Bob’s New Patient

Our team at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County has fans of the Hersey Bears for years. Several members of the staff are team junkies and have season tickets. Some  players bring their pets to us for care. Continue reading…

Our advisor named vet of the year

We’re huge fans of Dr. Karen Rosenthal, one of our veterinary advisors and a good friend as well. We’ve always considered her one of the most caring and competent vets around. Now there’s an official stamp on that opinion. Late this summer Dr. Rosenthal was named the Exotic DVM of the Year by the Association of Avian Veterinarians. Read the full story here. Congratulations, Dr. Rosenthal! Continue reading…

Dr. Sarsfield’s Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit

Community is part of our name and part of our DNA. We’ve talked about this part of who we are in previous posts. It’s great to see the same dedication in our partners. Recently Dr. Bob Sarsfield, our business partner and the chief medical officer at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, held his annual benefit for Alzheimer’s Disease . More than 120 people participated, and more than $35,000 was raised. This is the 14th year that Dr. Sarsfield has held the golf tournament, which has now raised $335,000 to support Alzheimer’s caregivers and their families.

Dr. Sarsfield started the event after the death of his father Robert Sarsfield, Sr. His entire family takes part in the planning and the (busy) day of activities.

Dr. Sarsfield is a very low handicap. Danny, Marc and I didn’t do nearly as well (although Marc chipped in for birdie on the 15th), but we had a great time playing Hershey Links.



Why we’re doing this

Why are we building a veterinary services company?

Like a lot of things in life, the answers are complicated, and in some respects depend on who is doing the asking, but there are some common themes: Continue reading…

My Turn in the Kennel with the Dogs, Cats and Possum

My partners and I have spent many hours in veterinary hospitals over the past year, talking with vets and techs and front-office staff about the issues and opportunities in today’s veterinary world. For a few months last year, I did some part time consulting for the owner of a two-vet hospital just north of Philly. But none of us have had the chance to do the real work of a veterinary hospital. So as part of our new investment in the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, we are each taking turns shadowing the great staff at the hospital. Last week we started our work, and my first assignment was in the kennel. Continue reading…

New Vets: More emotional, less scientific

A new study recently published in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education shows an interesting shift happening in the psychological makeup of incoming veterinary students. The authors have been giving the infamous Myers Briggs personality test to new students at the Louisiana State University for the past 12 years. For the first eight years of the testing, the key personality traits of the students were the following: Continue reading…