Community Veterinary Partners Selects Lawrenceburg Veterinary Clinic to Join Its Network

Community Veterinary Partners (CVP) is pleased to announce Lawrenceburg Veterinary Clinic is the second animal hospital in the state of Indiana to join the CVP family. CVP now has 56 animal hospitals as partners in its network focused on providing quality medical care and compassion to every patient.

Led by Dr. Vince Karsteter, Dr. Adam Miller and Dr. Jason Burcham, Lawrenceburg Veterinary Clinic has been providing walk-in veterinary services to the Lawrenceburg, Indiana community for over 40 years. Dr. Adam Miller is a second-generation veterinarian in the practice, working with Dr. Karsteter and Dr. Burcham to continue his family’s legacy of providing loving care to all animals, while keeping them healthy year-round.

“The way Dr. Karsteter, Dr. Miller and Dr. Burcham deliver care to their patients fits so well with CVP’s commitment to provide the best care,” said Kevin Ruffe, CEO of CVP. “Many of our hospitals are led by second or even third-generation veterinarians. Our goal is to help them continue the legacies they have been entrusted with in the same way it was expected of them.”

Lawrenceburg Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that provides routine medical, surgical and dental care, as well as emergency treatment services to pets in the tri-state area at its 3,300-square-foot facility on Highway 50. Lawrenceburg Veterinary Clinic treats each patient like the valued family member they are to each one of their clients.

“Knowing that CVP will allow us to continue to care for our patients and provide them with the level of medical care they have come to expect from us gives us comfort as we embark on this transition,” commented Dr. Burcham. “Having a partner that will allow us to focus on what is most important to our patients and our practice is a blessing for everyone involved. We are looking forward to taking this journey with CVP.”