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Big Growth Hits West Coast Hospitals

We’ve been seeing strong growth at our hospitals, but the data out of California is truly remarkable. A new survey shows almost 10 percent growth in August. Some of it is due to price increases, but even adjusting for that, the growth is impressive. In our family of 16 hospitals along the Mid Atlantic, all but one has grown revenue this year. It’s been a mix of initiatives contributing to the increases: new services, improved client communication, marketing initiatives.

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The Top Story

Industry Growth Continues
California Survey Shows Strong Revenue Growth at Animal Hospitals

Small animal hospitals in California reported close to 10 percent revenue growth for the month of August. Specialty hospitals did well too.

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More Veterinary Industry News

Online Search
New Website Allows Owners to Find Boarded Specialists

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) have together launched as an education and awareness resource for animal owners. The new website is one of the most comprehensive searchable databases of board-certified veterinary specialists worldwide, enabling animal owners to find local specialists for potential consultations, and to bolster the triad of veterinary care to best care for their animals.

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Veterinary Liability
Banfield Client Sues for Malpractice

A Chicago woman is suing for the alleged maiming of one pet cat and death of another. After complaining about her cats’ treatment, the client was promised refunds of wellness premiums she had paid to Banfield and reimbursement of medical bills.Read the full story at the Cook County Record

New Avian Vaccine

Protects Parrots Against Lethal Virus

Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) is a lethal disease found mainly in the psittacine (parrot) family. But hope is on the horizon. Researchers at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) have developed a highly effective vaccine against PDD, caused by Avian Bornavirus and which results in blindness, heart failure, or intestinal blockage.

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Your Clients are Reading This

Dogster: Is Frontline Still Working?

I wish to be clear to Merial and especially to Merial’s lawyers. I am not stating that fleas have become resistant to Frontline Plus. I am not stating that the product generally is less effective than it was. What I am saying is this: I have seen a lot of Frontline Plus-treated animals who have developed skin problems that I suspect are due to fleas.

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What The Dog Ate

Vet Wins X-Ray Contest with Lab Who Ate 26 Golf Balls

The contest has been held for a decade, and each year veterinarians across the country send in their most eye-popping radiographs, with cash prizes going to the top three.

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