What % of Your Clients Will Pay for the Big Surgery?  | Read this week's CVP Animal News Roundup

Family Yes, but …

A new survey shows what we all know — pet owners see their dogs and cats as members of the family. But it may surprise you how many say they are unwilling to pay for a necessary expense if they can’t comfortably afford it.

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The Top Story
New Survey

Survey: Americans Love Their Pets, but Not the Expenses that Come with them.

Americans love their pets — so much that nearly eight out of 10 (78 percent) cat and/or dog owners view them as family members. However, our four-legged companions also require love from our wallets, according to the latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index.

Read the full story here.

More Veterinary Industry News
Practice Management

Dr. Jennifer Fletcher: How to Launch a Wellness Plan at Your Practice

By creating a comprehensive plan and thorough training of our staff to embrace “wellness,” we now have a foothold in moving our practice towards preventive medicine.  We implemented our program two years ago at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County and have seen many benefits of transforming the way we approach wellness in our patients.
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Veterinary Science

Veterinarian says dogs feel no shame

There is little double online do shaming is a popular phenomenon, but a veterinary scientist says that while some dogs may cast an apologetic look to their owners, they do not actually feel guilt.
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Veterinarian seeks to prevent mentor from opening nearby clinic

A Pennsylvania veterinarian is seeking court orders to stop the former owner of her clinic from opening a competing clinic in neighboring Fayette County.
Read the full story at the Pittbsurgh Tribune


Banfield Study Shows Misconceptions About Vet-Client Relationships

Veterinarians believe “preventive” care is vaccines, spay/neuters and parasite control. But pet owners think it’s more about their pets’ diets, exercise, care and emotional well being, 
See the full results of the study.

What Your Clients are Reading

Catster Magazine: Do Cats Really Need Vaccines Every Year?

In fact, there are answers to the question of how often cats need vaccines, but they’re not very satisfying. Some plausible answers to that question include: It depends. Nobody knows. It varies depending upon life stage, lifestyle, geographic location, and immune system function.
Read the full story at Caster.

Climate Change

New Study: Climate Change Impacted Canine Development

Climate change impacts ecosystems and how they evolve. The same holds true for canines within those ecosystems, a new study suggests. And it all has to do with elbows.
Read the full story at AAHA.

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