Community Days at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County

The staff at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County pride themselves on the special bond they have with the community. They volunteer aggressively and work hard to support local groups that share our goals. One thing that makes it easier is a special benefit that gives every member of the staff one extra paid day off each year to volunteer for a charity of his or her choosing.

Leslie Staab and Dr. Heather Balmer
Leslie Staab and Dr. Heather Balmer

Earlier this month, two of our great team members spent their “volunteer days” supporting a spay and neuter clinc run by one of our favorite rescue organizations, Castaway Critters. Leslie Staab, one of the hospital’s veterinarian technicians, helped out by vaccinating and triaging sick cats as well as monitoring cats coming out of anesthesia.  She was joined by Dr. Heather Balmer.

The clinic was held in Steelton, Pa., and primarily provided spays and neuters for trapped feral cats. A local volunteer group,  Steelton Borough Community Cats, took care of collecting and caring for the cats, cleaning them, monitoring them, and providing fresh food and water.  Each of the 102 cats that participated in the clinic were carefully identified  in order to ensure  the cats went back to the correct colony.  Castaway Critters supplied medical care and provided medications.

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