Dr. Bob’s New Patient

Our team at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County has fans of the Hersey Bears for years. Several members of the staff are team junkies and have season tickets. Some  players bring their pets to us for care.

Recently we heard that the team’s mascot Coco the Bear didn’t have veterinary care. Well it got us thinking. Doesn’t a giant, brown, skating bear deserve health care like the rest of us?

Today we are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Bob Sarsfield is now the official veterinarian to Coco The Bear. Dr. Bob is making sure that Coco gets all his shots and keeps himself in playing shape.

Dr. Sarsfield be on site at the Giant Center for several games this year, keeping an eye on Coco. This Saturday, November 20th is our first game. Dr. Bob will be there with one of our great vet techs, Leslie Staab.

Coco The Bear

He’ll also be there for the game against Providence on December 18th, against Rochester


on January 22nd, and against Bridgeport on February 19th.

The game in February is extra special for us. That night we’ll be supporting our favorite local animal rescue group, Castaway Critters. We’ll be collecting cat food (dry and wet), towels and blankets and donations for our friends at Castaway. Please make plans to drop off something to support their efforts in our community. There will also be a couple of their dogs and cats available for adoption!