A Web Site for the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County

We made our first investment earlier this year in the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County, a five-doctor practice located in Harrisburg, Pa. Since then we’ve been working hard to optimize the business operations. We took over the back-office headaches from Dr. Jim Kepner — the bill paying, the payroll, the HR management and more — and have been looking for ways to improve the marketing of the hospital.

One thing we focused on was getting a Web site put up. We sent our friend Stu Goldenberg in to shoot pictures, and we asked all of the staff to put together bios so we could share them with our clients. We also spent time defining the services that we offer. The great team at Finch, then put all the Web stuff.

What I really love about it is that all the images on the site are real people at the hospital. Our head tech, Malcolm Babbitt, is there holding his cat, Dill. There are a bunch of really loyal clients — some more than 25 years.

Yesterday we put our work up live on the Web. Check out our site at: www.ahdcvets.com.

We’re also on Facebook. And Twitter: www.twitter.com/ahdcvets. Please take a minute and “like” us or “follow” us — or both. You’ll get all our updates, news on the hospital, features on our great staff and advice on how to care for your pets.

Please send us your thoughts and comments: raphael@cvpco.com.

– Michael